Why Do Triathletes Want Ice Baths?

Ice_tubA number of people have been inquiring about ice baths nowadays mainly due to its growing popularity. The ice baths are known for their exposure to the cold water, to help remove the micro tears in the muscle fibers and to reduce the inflammation caused by any kind of physical exercises.

Many athletes have known to use this therapy to cure their external injuries but the internal physical processes are not well known. The internal effects it has on our body remain elusive. Now you can view good quality ice tubs for sale through the web.

How to use an ice bath?

It is done by immersing yourself or your injured part in the icy cold water. This can be done in a standing or the sitting position. But don’t overdo it. Also, keep the following things in mind:

You should wear rubber boots on your feet to protect your toes.

You should also be wearing a rubber brief to protect your midsection.

A report has also acclaimed that if the water is circulating, it is even colder. If this is the case with your iced water, you should not overexpose yourself to ice baths.

Ice bath can also be taken at home. This is usually more tolerable. You can fill your bathing tub with two to three bags of crushed ice or ice cubes. Then you can add cold water to fill the tub such that it can immerse your entire body. You can then sit in comfortable and enjoy your bath.

You can also sip in some hot liquid while you are in the tub such as a cup of hot tea or coffee so that you don’t fall sick of cold if you overdo the treatment.

The water, should not be very cold. You should have a handy thermometer to measure the temperature of the water before you step in. If the temperature of your bathtub is 40F or below it could have adverse effects on your muscles and skin.