All About Denture Treatment

Dentures are basically false teeth. They are a suitable substitute for any individual’s missing or diseased teeth. Dentures are designed to fit comfortably within the mouth cavity and are supported by soft and hard tissues.
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Denture treatment


What is the need for denture’s treatment?

People who are suffering from the painful effects of the decayed tooth that is caused by periodontal diseases, dentinogenesis imperfecta or have lost their teeth in an accident are advised to replace their teeth either partially or fully by the set of dentures, after having treatment options like cleaning, medication, gum flap surgery.

Having dentures will not only allow you chew the food but also help to improve your facial appearance to a significant extent.

Sometimes the denture also needs to get repaired. A broken denture can be really dangerous and must be treated as soon as possible. A good dentist will deal with all types of dental treatment including denture repairs.

What are different types of denture?

Here are some different types of dentures:

  •  Partial Dentures- for only a few missing teeth

The partial denture is suitable for the people who are having few missing teeth. Patients are allowed to choose that whether they want removable or fixed variety of teeth.

In case if a patient has loose one or two teeth accidentally or naturally then fixed partial denture is advised by the doctor in the form of crown and bridges.

A removable partial denture is similar to fixed partial denture but it doesn’t contain crown.


Types of dentures

  •    Complete dentures- for entire jaw

When there is a need to replace either the entire lower jaw or upper jaw, then that treatment is known as a complete denture.
The complete denture is further divided into:

  1.    Immediate dentures

These are temporary dentures and are made before the extraction of natural teeth. This prefabricated denture is placed immediately after extraction, over the bleeding sockets.

  1.    Plastic dentures

This type of denture is made up of either plastic material or of porcelain and then matched with the natural teeth. Porcelain teeth persist much longer than the plastic ones.

  1.    Implant retained dentures

These dental implants involve titanium screw fitted into a hole, in order to secure the tooth’s position. This treatment can be expensive.

You can also know about the denture repair services by clicking here. These were a few types of dentures. Hopefully, this information would be beneficial to you.