Avoid Hair Breakage Naturally – A Small Guide To Consider

When it comes to hair care, some of the most common causes for concern are split ends and hair breakage. Nearly 50% of people are facing hair fall problem all around the world.

But what grounds it and how can it be evaded? What is the surreptitious to long, lustrous locks?

Factors responsible for this problem include anemia, vitamin B deficiency, vitamin A supplements, polycystic ovary syndrome, aging, lack of sleep, intake, stress, pregnancy, sudden weight loss, lupus, imbalance, illness, hormonal chemotherapy, hypothyroidism, heredity, use of antidepressants and blood thinners.       

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Experts advise for the proper intake of protein rich foods like beans, nuts butter, nuts, edamame, almond butter, tempeh, tofu, whole grains, oysters, leafy greens, eggs, fish and meat to naturally grow your hair.

Read on for some expert tips that are sure to leave you looking and feeling picture-perfect each and every single day. These Tips are actually a treatment for hair breakage and split ends from further getting more damaged:

  • Never brush your hair while it is still wet – this is due to the fact that the cuticle is at its weakest when damp. If you are in a rush and cannot wait for it to dry, ensure that you brush gently and with care, taking the time to work through any knots or tangles with your fingers.
  • Avoid brushing hair unnecessarily. Unnecessary brushing can lead to breakage and damage, especially if you have natural curls. Instead, brush as little as possible using only a fine tooth comb.
  • Every time you pay your hairdresser a visit, insist that she uses a quality hair treatment, especially if you are planning on getting highlights or changing your color. The chemicals that are used can weaken the strands and lead to breakage.

  • Ensure that you invest in high quality hair care products for day-to-day cleansing, conditioning and styling. These products should provide your locks with adequate moisture and shine.
  • Steer clear of cheaper options, as these are likely to include unhealthy additives and / or insufficient amounts of important ingredients, such as essential oils.
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