Important Information on Blood Stopping

Cleaning the wound and stopping it to bleed is the first thing that should be done in emergency medical situations. In ancient times, people used to heat up a metal piece and apply it to the wound in an effort to control the infection.

Unlike the ancient methods, the modern ways of preventing blood loss are both effective and painless. Gauzes and trauma tourniquet are the most common devices that are used in modern emergency bleeding control.

Ways To stop blood

Usually, tourniquets are used to control the external bleeding by applying pressure to the wound and restricting blood flow. On the other hand, gauzes are generally implanted into deep wounds so as to completely block any possibilities of blood loss.

Apart from these two popular devices, there is a wide variety of other tools that are used to save lives of injured people from blood loss in emergency medical situations. Among these are the XStat, foam injections, sponge-filled syringe systems, and Reboa that stand for resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta.


The Reboa is like a pocket version of balloon angioplasty that is typically used to clear the arteries. The Reboa comprises of a very thin and long tube, just like a coffee stirrer along with a small expandable balloon on one end.

In case of a severe wound, a medical technician inserts Roboa tube inside the artery from which the blood is coming. Once the tube gets inside, the balloon expands and prevents further blood loss by creating an obstruction to the bloodstream.

Blood Stopping Tools

You are still wondering ‘where can I buy a tourniquet’. Tourniquets are easily available online. Various online stores deal with medical emergency devices like tourniquets, Roboa tubes, etc.

These devices, especially Roboa, should be handled by skilled people only as if something goes wrong, it can be very dangerous, sometimes life-threatening as well. You may read more on how to use these medical tools in emergency situations via the internet.